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Production worker

  • full-time
  • Production

Canada’s leader in the production of cookies, Leclerc also manufactures sugar wafers, snack bars, breakfast cereals, crackers, and chocolates. The thriving family company currently sells its products in more than twenty countries all over the world.

Leclerc is, and has always been, on the leading edge of technology and constantly works to ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers. Together with over 900 employees, the company builds on production processes and rigorous distribution networks in order to offer the highest quality products. For more than 110 years, Leclerc has successfully balanced innovation, freshness, and good taste, pleasing customers of all ages.

  • Pick up the cookies and bars as it comes out of the oven;
  • Place the products in their packaging according to the quantity required;
  • Create boxes of cardboard manually;
  • Glue cardboard boxes with a glue gun;
  • Proceed to crating boxes and palletizing them;
  • Supply production equipment with packaging material;
  • Check the conformity of the packaging (expiry date, code);
  • Check the conformity of the packaging weights and make adjustments;
  • Sort non-compliant foods that ended up in the waste bins;
  • Assist operators in their control functions;
  • Maintain a clean work environment


  • Have at least a high school diploma or a secondary 5 equivalency;
  • Have work experience relevant to food or manufacturing (factory, assembly line, fast food, food preparation counter, etc.);
  • Have excellent manual dexterity;
  • Work quickly
  • Basic math and computer skills
  • Have a strong physical endurance (standing work).


Our Hawkesbury plant is just five minutes from downtown Hawkesbury and the Ottawa River—two big draws for our employees. The plant produces a variety of products, but it’s known locally for one thing: the delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies that has everyone in a swoon.

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