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More Go Pure, more fun!

Pure Fruit & Oat Raspberry Bars are now available in 24 bars format! We never have enough raspberries, right?

LIMITED EDITION - For fans of Strawberries and Creme!

The new Strawberry & Creme Truffle in limited edition is a delicious surprise! The strawberry creamy filling and the real milk chocolate, the perfect match!

A Célébration chocolate novelty!

Célébration stands out once again with this butter and chocolate chip cookies half-coated with Real Milk Chocolate. Its unique texture and butter taste come together to deliver an exquisite experience.

Oat at its best!

Discover our new super soft Go Pure bars, made with 100% Canadian oats, slightly enhanced with a touch of real fruit or honey. They contain 14 to 16 grams of Whole Grains per bar and are a source of fiber. Go Pure, pure goodness!


There is something new in the Tradition 1905 family! 

Here are the Shortbread Cookies topped with Real Milk Chocolate. In addition to being delicious, they are definitely a classic revisited!

A love story for 115 years!

The dream of our founder, François Leclerc, began 115 years ago, leaving us a legacy for five generations now. Thank you for being part of our big family!

Discover our delicious recipes

Looking for inspiration? We’ve got a million ideas to help you enjoy your favourite Leclerc products.